wooden playing board

PhDr. Šauerová Markéta, Ph.D.

graduated from Charles University of Prague in study programmes Education-Psychology and Psychology. As a part of her professional development she completed many courses focused on methods of art and music therapy. In the course of her study at Freie Universität Berlin, doctor Šauerová had specialized in the field of the communication skills development. Since 2006 she has been working at VŠTVS PALESTRA, where her main specialization is the educational and psychological diagnostics of specific groups of clients and the intervention possibilities - the issues concerning the choice of appropriate activities for children with ADHD, and suitable exercising for children with ADHD with regard to compliance with the didactic principles, motivation for learning, communication support in family education, etc. Her other activities include creation of leisure-time activities for selected target groups. Author and co-author of: Speciální pedagogika v praxi, Specifika edukace seniorů, Projekty osobnostního rozvoje v nestandardních výchovných podmínkách, and other publications.

Žížalice - Product Review:

ŽÍŽALICE is a unique toy for children of various ages with different educational needs. It can be used as a helpful tool for development of fine motor skills as well as for improvement in the perception of space, exercising of right-left orientation, training of the concentration and attention ability or just for spending some time while waiting at the doctor´s office or elsewhere.

The board can be used in the elementary education as well (or eventually even later in case of children with special educational needs) for training of the writing and reading skills – tubes enable children to practice letter patterns. Tubes are an interesting alternative to fabric letters or wires often used for the initial practicing of reading and writing.

This product´s undoubted advantage is particularly easy maintenance and the possibility of regular and simple hygienic treatment, which is very valuable when working with young children and the elderly.

The toy is also an interesting design element for every interior, thanks to special multicoloured tubes used for the board.

The ŽÍŽALICE board is very convenient for promoting the development of the motor skills of elderly patients and persons with reduced mobility. This kind of activity presents good complement to the ergotherapeutic exercise. With the right creative approach, the board can be used also for the cognitive training.

The board can be used for individual working with a client, as well as for working with a small group of clients (training of non-verbal communication, cooperation, development of the social skills).