Original Czech balancing game

„RINGIES“ is an unique balancing game in XXL size. Players can build a „wall“ from the circles by positioning them on its edge and on each other. Two size triangles work as wedges between the circles preventing them to roll down. Aim of the game is to use all circles in a wall as high as possible and ideally use all pieces. The players train patience and concentration, understanding balance of different size/weight, spacial distribution, motor skills, fantasy and combinations.

Smaller kids can train the building of a pyramid sorting the different circle sizes. The game gets harder trying to build up a pyramid starting from the smallest circle!

Compare to the wooden balancing games „RINGIES“ are bigger, more stable, softer and silent when falling, causing less frustration from the failure.

Made from EVA foam – soft material, pleasant to play with.

The materials are of the highest possible quality and conform to EN 71.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Content: 36 pcs - 12 rings in 12 sizes (biggest is diameter 26 cm), 12 bigger triangels, 12 smaller triangles

Colours: various mix of orange, blue, yellow and green.

Packed in a textile sack.

Number of players: 2 – 3

Age: 3 – 8 years